Neustar Geo Location Data

Anyone here have experience with Neustar’s Geo Location database feed?

And by experience, I mean, how reliable it is to reality?

I ask because I’m in the early stages of a project, and my initial take is the data is terrible.

I’ve stumbled across several (like a few hundred, and thats just in the US) /22’s and /23’s that SWIP in Arin to small regional ISPs in the US, but in the Neustar geo data these /22s get broken out in many continuous /28’s and /27’s that appear to hop across the world.

One case was a small rural WISP in St Louis, their /22 in Neustar’s data is spread across Brazil, Asia, Europe, I mean its all over the place. But in BGP, that /22 appears safe and sound coming from St Louis and also confirmed via traceroute.

If it were just a few ranges, I’d say no big deal, but I’m seeing massive issues with the data - curious as to other people’s thoughts.


Is this prefix leased from an IP broker?

If not, I would suggest not to use Neustar’s data.