Netzero Email Abuse

Could someone from Netzeros email abuse team contact me?

Your spam notification system is spamming me and I have been unable to get ahold of anyone regarding this.

Over the last 48 hours it has sent probably 25-30 emails to our abuse email address. All emails are the same, with the same content, and are actually a human generated email from a customer I personally know (Eg not even spam).

Good luck... they do not have anybody clueful handling abuse. United Online's abuse is all handled by a bunch of untrained fools in a third-world country. This was as of ~5 years ago, things may have changed now, but I doubt it.

I just replied to them and got out on a CARID mailing list. What the?

* (Matt Hoppes) [Sat 10 Feb 2018, 20:00 CET]:

I just replied to them and got out on a CARID mailing list. What the?

There's an autoresponder subscribed to this list but since the list admins rarely post themselves they won't know to take action.

  -- Niels.

Once upon a time, I worked on the SYS/NET OPS time of a United Online subsidiary. Spent a lot of time in the data centers and worked on occasion with other OPS folks from different business units. They would joke about the complaints that would come in, they do read the emails - but you have to name drop their VP of Tech to get them to do anything.

Search LinkedIn or the usual channels for that name and good luck.