Hello there,

This month has been incredible in so many ways for NetworkAtlas project.

You can see how incredible progress we have made by visiting

You can also see where we are missing data! We are getting close to having self service ui/api ready which will allow you to register, and upload your own kmz. You can also request to be able to manage (like up/down) cables you own.

With that said, we are looking for people who can help in following areas.

  1. we are looking for experienced editors who know and can validate the requests which will come from people uploding cable kmzs and also help clean up existing data we have.

  2. looking for people who want to demo submitting actual kmzs of network they own and operate.

  3. dc providers who want to provide more details of their datacenters (we have 3D buildings now in the map)

If you want to help in any other way, please let us know!

As always thank you and we will report back in december with more progress!