Network Topology

I need the expert advice from all of you in this issue since my experience
is insignificant compared to some of the members of this list. In your
experience what is better in terms of connectivity to the Internet. My boss
wants me to order 4 T1's (maybe 6) to different providers to be
'completely' sure that our NOC will 'always' be up & running. I've already
got 2 T's right now, I really don't know how' 'wise' it is to add another
4 or 6 from 'different' providers. Would it be better for us to get them
from the same 2 upstreams we've already got? Would it be better to get a
Fractional T3? I need some convincing arguments for him to understand, can
anyone help?


Diversity is a good thing. A bit harder to manage but often worth the