Network Solutions loses domain data


  In the same vein, has anyone gotten the payment web site to work
today? I can put a domain in, but then it goes to sleep and never returns


It, like their PGP stuff, hasn't seemed to have worked for weeks if not
months... (then again, I'm not sure I've even seen their PGP stuff work)

Oh, their PGP stuff works all right.

After spending lots and lots of time trying to get a pgp signature
registered and get a couple domains changed to pgp authentication, I gave
up. It was really really frustrating to say the least.

Now, one of those domains I was trying to get set to pgp is now protected
with a pgp authentication method. Mind you that It's been at least 2-3
years ago I tried to get the pgp to work and couldn't - but now when I
need them changed all of a sudden my now defunct pgp key is needed to
change the info.

Oh well.

- Forrest W. Christian ( KD7EHZ