Network Performance Testing Equipment

Hi there,

Just wondering what folks out there have used or are using (such as smartbits, etc) for measuring the performance (benchmark) limits for engineering and qa testing. I'm looking at doing end-to-end performance testing to monitor throughput for networking gear.

Any insight to this topic will be appreciated.


Hmmm..... Netperf usually does the trick for network load testing. At
least thats what we use at work :slight_smile:
-- Jonathan

On a related note, are there any test suites that measure the success/failure rate of TCP connections while measuring throughput? For example, pushing 10k TCP sessions and measuring time to complete _and_ success rate? Normally, the httpd benchmark stuff would suffice, but it would be ideal to avoid any end-application latency and ensure that you're testing the quality of the device (firewall) in between.

At the high end, you might want to look at Ixia.