Network meltdowns anywhere in US?


  Sorry, would have posted this elsewhere, but I can't get
to alot of places...

  I originally started chasing not being able to get to (RR Mail server). I then found out neither L3 nor
my other connection saw it in the table. I checked a few other
router servers, some had it, some didn't.

  Now, though, I'm trying to get a few other places and
most of them oddly seem to hang off L3.... (Like the outages
list. :slight_smile: )

  Any ideas of there is some meltdown happening
in L3 or elsewhere?

    Thanks, Tuc

(at&t), then again I haven't done my technical diligence. Will need to look
further and I'm sure someone will pipe up.

Do you have any traceroutes, route stats, etc to give us as to what you are


No, no traceroutes since when I'd query BGP, it just said that the network
didn't exist in the table like :

***route-server***>sho ip bgp
% Network not in table
***route-server***>sho ip route
% Subnet not in table

  (Only output I captured... But I know that Cerfnet did this too.)