Network Maps/Directory

Hi all -

At last NANOG we talked a little bit about network maps, contact info, etc.
Brian Noto (BoardWatch) mailed me their latest BoardWatch directory, which
lists a rather astounding number of ISPs across the U.S. along with some ISP
history, contact #, services and prices, topology maps for some, etc.

It looks pretty cool, and after talking with Brian, he agreed to make a copy
of the directory available for free to the NANOG community (there is a form
to fill out and e-mail below).


From: Jack Rickard[]
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 1996 4:09 PM
To: 'Brian'
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Subject: NANOG Participation


Here's what I think we can do for the NANOG members vis a vis the directory

and ONE ISPCON that they might find attractive.


We had contacted NANOG earlier in the year regarding participation at the

Online Networking Exposition and Internet Service Provider Convention
scheduled for August 7-10 in San Francisco. Bill Norton had demurred on
holding a NANOG event at ONE ISPCON, but had agreed to come present a
briefing on NANOG activities.

In the June 17th issue of InfoWorld, columnist Bob Metcalfe noted rather

publicly the desireability of getting some dialog going between NANOG
members and the rank and file small ISP's that make up the bulk of ONE
ISPCON. He had also spoken directly with Bill Norton on this same subject
at the NANOG meeting.

By way of explanation and disclaimer, Dr. Metcalfe is not connected with

Boardwatch Magazine or ONE, Inc., or ONE ISPCON in any financial sense, and
is not responsible for our annual bevy of mistakes and miscues. But he does
stand tall in our world quite beyond his role as InfoWorld columnist and
Ethernet inventor. He has served a purely mentor/advisor role on our
Executive Advisory Board and has spoken at our last two annual shows. He's
also the smartest man I've ever met, in my unqualified but nonetheless
strongly held opinion, and I routinely find myself tongue tied in his
presence. Bottom line, if Bob wants it, we go into scramble mode to make it

He thinks NANOG and ultimately the Internet could benefit from some level

of dialog between the "top of the net" and the little guys at the bottom
hooking real people up. Here's my official "me too" then.


In March 1987, Boardwatch Magazine published a Directory of Internet

Service Providers - their first effort listing some 1447 Internet Service
Providers who had actually been contacted by the publication and interviewed.

As a result of response to the first directory, the second issue, June

1996, was revised to include more detailed information about the
architecture of the Internet. Nine "profiles" of large national backbone
providers were added with color maps of their backbones, POP lists, product
lists and prices, Internconnects, etc. along with a description of the NAP
architecture. The directory listings had grown to some 2266 Internet
Service Providers.

The directory has been sufficiently successful to warrant further

development and we are already working on the Fall issue. Bill Norton
commented on the value of the architecture descriptions. In discussion with
Norton, he thought we might find input from NANOG members valuable. Since
anything we can do to make the depiction of the Internet more accurate and
useful directly benefits our publishing efforts, we concur. So we are
attempting to devise a kind of informal peer review process. The objective
here is a bit questionable of course. We are trying to diagram and present
a rational picture of the Internet two dimensionally on paper. We are bound
to fail for obvious reasons, but hope to do so artfully. From Mr. Norton's
response to our June efforts, I think we've achieved that. But we would
like to improve it.

To do this, we've agreed to provide a free copy of the Directory of

Internet Service Providers to any NANOG member who cares to identify
themselves. The book sells on the newsstand at $9.95 and we normally sell
them directly at $9.95 plus $4 s&h. We will provide a copy via first class
mail at our expense FREE to any NANOG member who requests one.

To obtain your review copy, send the following information to


Job Title:
Street Address:
Zip or Postal Code:
Voice Telephone:
Electronic Mail:

Please note in the e-mail that you are a NANOG member. We will send a copy

of the June 1996 Spring issue, along with a brochure for ONE ISPCON via
first class mail. We would appreciate any comments/critique to
BRIAN.NOTO@BOARDWATCH.COM prior to August 1, 1996.


ONE ISPCON is a very focused trade show specifically for Internet Service

Providers. It is NOT a general Internet show to get people together and
talk about how cool the Internet is. We do have vendor exhibitors at
Moscone including Cisco, DEC, Microsoft, Livingston, Bay Networks, U.S.
Robotics, etc. - about 60 vendors as of June 15. We also have about 100
educational sessions slated including Mark Corbitt of the FCC, John C.
Dvorak, David Graves and Kim Hubbard of NSI, and so on. Sessions will cover
marketing, financing, and a lot of technical sessions on building
local/regional NAPS, multihoming issues, ADSL, HDSL, wireless, etc. Again,
the focus is on how to actually do this stuff as a small ISP - typically 12
employees and 1500 customers. We expect about 1000-1200 true Internet
Service Providers, 400-500 ISP wannabees in the main convention/session
schedule at San Francisco Hilton Towers, with 3000-4000 peripherally
interested vendors, software developers, and assorted hangers on at the
vendor exhibits in Moscone. The core "meeting" then at the Hilton will be
relatively small and some three blocks distant from the vendor exhibits.

Registration is $425 until July 15th.

To encourage NANOG members to come see how the smaller half lives and

fulfill the Metcalfe initiative, we will discount this a full $100 to $325
for identified NANOG members registering by July 15.


More information is available at The ONE, Inc.

office is available at (303)693-5253. Direct questions, particularly
regarding session schedules and speakers to BRIAN.NOTO@BOARDWATCH.COM.