Network diagram app that shows realtime link utilizatin

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone can recommend a network diagram tool that can show realtime link utilization via snmp?

Mikrotik's "The Dude" app actually does exactly what I'm looking for, but the snmp support for non-RouterOS devices seems to be lacking, as it simply won't enumerate my switch interfaces in order to capture utilization.

I've downloaded several trial tools (WhatsUp, NetCure, Solarwinds LANsurveyor etc.) but they don't serve this very basic need of mine to see the realtime link util in the diagram.

Hank Disuko

InfoVista Vista360 does it.
It's part of a bigger tool set and isn't cheap, but it's pretty cool.

cacti by use of weather maps?
Alternatively, Intermapper is pretty good, but commercial. It's more of an
NMS than a diagram tool though. Everywhere I used it, I was pretty happy
with it.


Were i work we do it with perl, rrdtool and graphviz - it's fairly simple to put together, and that way, you get exactly what you need.


Netbrain OE does this.

David Barak

It's also worth mentioning that most of the tools listed in response to the original message show data in near-real-time, such as 1 or 5-minute averages. 'real-time' in this case starts to lead down a slippery slope of terminology gaps :wink:


I have discovered ITGuru works pretty good.


Thanks, I'll see if I can pull the correct OID and try it with the Dude again.

Also, thanks to everyone who has responded. I realize the term "realtime" is subjective - I'm looking for near-realtime...maybe a 30 second interval.

I've been playing around with Intermapper for about 30 minutes now...i like this tool, but would like to see bitrates represented on the map as opposed to the "crawling ants". clicking around to see if kind of view is available...

thanks again folks. Good example, in my case anyway, of NANOG outperforming Google (or at least my crappy attempts at google search terms).


we use cacti weathermap plugin, though obviously realtime has a
dependency on your sample interval. I'm presuming your definition
thereof isn't instantaneous monitoring of queue depth.

on intermapper, simply right click the link, select 'status window' and you
will get all kinds of nice info. be sure to use the bandwidth command on
the interface if you are not using the default 10/100/1000/10gig. also,
the links turn yellow and orange as the line becomes more saturated (and
the 'ants' get bigger/smaller as utilization goes up and down).

only thing i don't like about intermapper is that vlans and physical
interfaces are separate from each other. and their tech support blows.


About support: I only had good experience with their support, but that were
the days Janice still worked there. Haven't used them in over a year, so
not sure what they are up to right now.


Guess Observium is really up to your alley :slight_smile: