network configuration survey

Dear network operators, I hope this email finds you well.

I am a first-year graduate student and I have been working on a survey for network configuration intent.I will be much appreciated if you could spare some time to answer my following questions.

1.For BGP communities, I have referred to BGP Community Guides | One Step for some communities opened by ISPs. I wonder if the ISPs will open all their communities and logics, or there are still more kept secret.

If there are some secret community values and control logics, how can I make sure the community appended within my AS will not coincide with the ISPs’ route maps and yield unexpected results? Have you ever observed similar errors?

2.Another question is about trouble-shooting. Suppose you find some errors in local AS (e.g cannot reach certain destination), yet you only have access to local RIBs or configurations. How do you try to fix it with these information? Is it necessary to refer to other ASes’ information? If yes, which ASes are selected and how do you communicate with them?

3.Finally, I also want to know what are some of the properties to be expected if a tool is to be designed for the circumstance in question 2. Should it be privacy-preserving or scalable? What size of network is it expected to work on? And what is the expected processing time of the tool for different sizes of networks?

You can fill in your answers at: Questions about network configuration

Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Huisan Xu