Network Atlas : Help wanted

Hello there,

I wanted to give you all an update on Network Atlas as we started loading terrestrial links to our system, we have ran into some scale issues but we are working thru this as we speak.

We are currently looking for people who can help with providing us KMZs which are publicly available for as many as terrestrial routes possible for us to stress test our newly designed more scalable backend.

If you are able to assist please visit our GitHub repository and feel free to send me links of the KMZs and I will put them all in this repository for others to easily access and use.

We also have a slack channel if you are interested in joining you can click here

if you want to contribute to project in any other way (hosting, software development, etc… please contact me directly…)

thank you everyone and we look forward to making our next update in upcoming weeks.


There were many requests for screenshots and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

thank you everyone for all suggestions and help.

Hello everyone.

Another exciting update to share, the demo which is 20-25x faster loading times globally (thank you Cloud) with a lot more features is now reachable at - this is the most important upgrade we have released so far!

What is coming up next? Well another very exciting feature, self service portal. Are you operator of a fibre network? you can simply put the KMZs and map will show. This should enable us to give you all an amazing ability to grow the map to become much bigger than any single person/company can manage :wink:

You are going to love what we have been building for you! Join our slack to find out more and help us

Looks interesting, I’ll have to have a play!

One thing; Slack’s a little modern for a lot of us, and perhaps unsuitable for people who don’t have as much attention to commit - perhaps a mailing list would also be appropriate?

~ a@fdx

We have a mailing list but discussions happen mostly on slack channel.!forum/discuss