Network Architecture Mission Statements & Organizational ideas


I realize this topic may be one step outside the strict definition of a
discussion but it is comparable to the well-received discussions of building
a NOC. I'm part of a team that is assembling to act as a network
group for our company. We need a mission statement that in generic terms
says we respond to business needs with architectural solutions, etc.
We can read and write, yes, but it would be nice to see how some other
similar groups have put together their mission statement. Additionally,
I am interested in learning a bit more about the make-up of network
architecture groups at other companies. Is membership on your
architecture group confined to engineers/architects? Does it include
security engineers? How do you make decisions as a group--
democracy/democracy with management veto, etc.? Any other related
comments to this project are appreciated.

I will likewise provide a summary of my findings. So, if you are interested
in this topic, it may be best to simply contact me offline with either
your interest in the results and/or your contributions to query.
But of course, if others deem this discussion worthy of the mass mailing
nature of nanog, I won't object. :slight_smile:


imiho, mission statements themselves are usually pretty boring. but the
process of developing one forces the players in the organization to actually
face strategic issues and come to a common mind. so, imiho, cribbing is
destructive to the real benefit of mission statement development.