NetSol's PGP auth ... and the road not taken

From: Leo Bicknell <>

> Don't waste your time. We had PGP auth working for the last 6 years. It
> will slow down any change you want to make by 3-5 days. Around 30% will get
> rejected for no reason whatsoever, and much more fun stuff.

I find these comments interesting. I have been using PGP auth for
a number of years and found it to work just fine.

From the PGP implementor community, we've seen reports that
the NetSol use of PGP has had issues in the past, things being
garbled or lost, other sorts of things. The implication was
that there were issues with the PGP implementation they were
using. I've heard multiple stories of people having less-than-sound
customer service experiences with this mechanism.