NetSCARF Release 1.1 Available

N E T S C A R F R E L E A S E 1.1

Hi all -

In April, Merit received funding from the Resource Allocation Committee
(RAC) to develop and evolve a prototype ISP Network Statistics Collection
And Reporting Facility (NetSCARF) package. The basic idea is to make it
dead easy for ISPs to collect and report data about their part of the
Internet. We expect about three more releases during the next 8 months,
based on the feedback we get from the ISP and R&E community. The end result
will hopefully be widely-available and consistent ISP performance data much
as Merit produced during the operation of the NSFNET. The 1st public
release of the software is now available at:

A technical overview article is being published in the July Connexions
magazine (Vol. 10 No. 6) and some on-line docs exist at the above URL as well.

The NetSCARF Code