Netflix VPN detection - actual engineer needed

Correct but it needs a lot to do that.

We do the geo thing. I didn't want us to and we didn't for a few years
but once the geo people had convinced rights owners it was a viable
thing they forced people buying their content to use it. I tried to
stop it here and failed but it's never over, people are starting to
realise it's silly to annoy people who want your services, you just
need to find a way to allow them

To be fair to Netflix the tunnel blocking will likely have been driven
by their content suppliers asserting their contractual rights to not
allow access from certain places.

Their content suppliers will have seen people boasting how they use
tunnels to get round them and tunnel suppliers advertising their
services for doing so. Blame them for the blocking as while it was a
personal thing they wouldn't have been bothered much.

As usual a few people see an opportunity to make money off something
and in the process break it for everyone

btw the list of tunnel providers was likely supplied by the same
geo ip people, some sell that as an extra.