Netflix performance


Lately we have been troubleshooting complaints from customers of several ISPs about
relatively low results when testing to Netflix's
When we started troubleshooting we notice the following:
1. When the latency to the test server is ~70ms results are significantly lower than results or Google fiber results.
2. When latency to the server is low (10-20ms, over DSL link) the results are similar between and

When looking at packet captures of the test we notice the following:

1. pushes traffic very aggressively: we have applied a shaper with CIR=100Mbps and 200ms and even 500ms queue limit (cisco jargon)
and still noticed drops when performing tests.

2. Packets originated from do not have the tcp push (psh) flag on.

3. It seems that recovery from packet loss is not very good over high latency (~70ms).
It seems to us that after a packet loss even the server reaches his cwnd and stops transmitting for relatively long periods.

We are interested to know if anybody else experience similar behaviour (with similar latency) or have any other insights into this.
If you would like to take a look at captures performed over 70ms latency please PM and I'll share the files.