Neteng field laptop/tablet

Sorry if this is perhaps a bit OT...

Can anyone recommend a smallish (10-13" display), relatively lightweight tablet or laptop (or convertible) with a native PCIe multi-gig Ethernet port, ideally both 10GBASE-T + 2.5GBASE-T (and 5GBASE-T perhaps). I'm not seeing a lot out there, and it's hard to search for multi-gig in a laptop at this point.

Failing that, I'm sure someone has a recommendation for a similar device with native PCIe 1000BASE-T + a thunderbolt or similar port I can hang a dongle off of?

Ruggedness is useful but not essential. 6-8 hour practical battery life is important but almost implied these days. Must be able to nicely run Linux (distro is unimportant).

I think the Galago Pro from System 76 probably fits the bill. It’s a 14", but has everything else you wanted, I believe.

They do have their own open (not sure of license) boot… Firmware? Called core boot… So no bios (uefi or otherwise). Plus side is its all open (free) drivers and firmware and such, I guess.

I was considering getting one as my next work laptop but went with a dell because I needed more compute in a smaller package than System 76 has (had).