Netcom Contact ?

Mike wrote:

Does anyone have a contact at Netcom that understands that SMTP is not
transported via POP (or port 110) and who could possibly figure out why
Netcom's mail servers are unreachable by us and several other providers?

I just got off the phone with the manager of System Administration and
he's going to investiage any possible problems with Netcom's mail servers.

Investigate? He's not already aware of there being some issues with
mail servers?

From netcom shell account /etc/motd files:
09-21-97 We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our
          shell mail servers. Shell customers may experience deferred
          connections and/or bounced mail. We are working diligently to
          resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Gee, any bets whether anyone's considered that inbound and outbound mail
servers might have the same problem, considering that half the listed mail
exchangers are the shell machines themselves? :slight_smile:
Another fine case of left and right hands going on here, it seems.

You'll probably coincidentally reach the right person just as they
finally get around to fixing the problem, of course.

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