Netcom Contact ?

Here we go again.

Does anyone have a contact at Netcom that understands that SMTP is not
transported via POP (or port 110) and who could possibly figure out why
Netcom's mail servers are unreachable by us and several other providers?

I would forward the responses from Netcom's front level support, but
unfortunately nanog-humor doesn't exist.

For Randy, here's what we've tried so far:

1) NETCOM Network Management (NETCOM-NM) dns-mgr@NETCOM.COM
      (408) 881-1810
      [ phone AND email ]

2) NETCOM DNS Administration (NETCOM-DNS) hostmaster@NOC.NETCOM.NET
      [ phone AND email ]

3) [Upstream 1's] Netcom peering contact
4) [Upstream 2's] Netcom peering contact (Netcom's business office)

5) Calling and asking for "Mike Newton" (listed on AS2551 @ )

6) Calling Netcom's business office.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

If anyone at Netcom with authority gets this, read [NETCOMticket#233593]
for entertainment.

Jim Browne
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                                - Mae West

It simply takes minutes to connect to one of their mail servers. It
almost appears that they are under a SYN flood? I know that we have
already fielded customer complaints about poor Netcom mail performance.