Net attacks on CNN

Barely a dent, as reported. False Alarm.

I wonder if they're going to start doing this to us a lot since people
get too mad when they do this to bridges, trains, and plains?

Got to admit, it's an easy pawn off. Keeps 'em in the press
as "active".



I have no idea what information NIPC had, or if they were justified in
issuing the alert. So this is just my uneducated opinion.

In general, DOS attacks are devastating to the target of the attack but
the impact quickly falls off as you move away from the target. If you
check the archives, you'll see this has been true through most of the DOS
attacks over the years. IRC operators even use this affect as a partial
defense by putting the server in a different part of their network.

Its not really fair to say it was a false alarm because there was minor
impact on the net at large. It just means you weren't a target, and
therefore didn't feel the pain.