need your suggestion about switch


I am requested to get not brand list switch

how can I test it? any software or methods

or any need

Thank you so much


Can you please make sentences that make sense ?

Are you seeking for advice or help ?

I think yes. So the least you can do is ease the pain of people reading your emails.


What I am gathering is that you are looking to by a off brand switch?

If this is the case, then I would argue reliability and speed aren't important to you, but rather price, so go for what you can afford I guess.

If you lack the knowledge to purchase a switch or test it properly, I would hire a professional services company that can do this for you and stand by their product/decisions.
Of course, that would be expensive, and sort of goes against buying a cheap switch in the first place.

Most vendors that you should be shopping in the first place, publish data on their switches that is a decent guide to performance at a distance. Just make sure your comparing apples to apples
(packet sizes, features, etc). There are also some independent tests you can find such as miercom.


Come on... I don't know if I'd use "Miercom" and "independent" in the same
sentence? More like guns for hire. I've rarely seen a test report they
came out with that wasn't commissioned by a particular vendor with the
testing done in such a way as to slant the results in their favor.

Stefan Fouant
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