Need trusted NTP Sources

Mailing lists aren't *supposed* to set Reply-To, Larry; your mail client is
supposed to have a Reply To List command.

It does. And does not light up for most of the lists I am on (including one I "own"). I am apparently not bright enough to notice when it does light up.

  Most "consumer" MUAs, of course,


Reply-All is a (usually) winked-upon subterfuge, or you can do like I
do and just manually readjust the To header when you reply to the list.

The later apparently requiring even more brain power than I able to bring to bear on the problem.

A FB community I am part of has several people in it that work in the same company--much flapping about a message sent to all--including people on continents who have no capability of being interested. Much don't send replies to "all"--sent to "all".

Just don't do what I do and accidentally set it to NANOG when you're
replying to a different list's message. :slight_smile:

I was mildly chastised yesterday about a lengthy thread that I started about GPSs on MTRA when I could swear that I started on MTR.

Old age has not been kind to me.

-- jra

And I did consider sending this just to Jay, but decided the public humbling would be good.

You need not bother everybody to tell me I was wrong. Again.

It will get warm again someday. I'm pretty sure.