need to talk with a comcast noc engineer rather urgently

at the internet archive we have a strange problem at the moment.

a slightly upstream device looks like it's returning icmp
administratively unreachable for our main load balancer's ip address
(which serves

comcast has interpreted this to remove or (maybe blackhole) connections
to somewhere pretty close to the edge.

but it is routing and completing connections perfectly to other ip
addresses on the same /24.

no other providers than comcast are behaving similarly.

can someone supply me with a contact phone number of someone at the real
comcast NOC who can help talk us out of this?

(obviously we want to fix the device and have opened a ticket with the
upstream provider but in the meantime we're hoping to talk with a
comcast noc engineer about other options for getting back on the air for
comcast customers).

thanks a lot.