Need help with Time Warner announcing my new /24 on their network

Hello we are an independent ISP single homed with bandwidth from Time
Warner Cable fiber.

I was wondering if a TW tech could reach out to me. We've received an
allocation from ARIN that I've asked TW to announce on our behalf, we
issued the LOA, and first line says that it is setup but we are not seeing
the block in any looking glasses.

Since we are not multi homed nor have our own AS TW did a static route from
their gateway router /IP to our router but they are saying we need to do a
next hop statement and to point the new /24 back to their gateway ip? We
have gone over this a few times and I am not clear on this and how it would
affect them announcing our /24 to Radb etc. I was under the impression that
once the route was announced it would show up in Radb even without us doing
anything on our end yet.


router bgp YOURAS#
  neighbor TWIP next-hop-self

This tell your router to advertise your IP addresses with your
router's address as the next hop. BGP does not do this automatically
because in more complicated configurations it's often not the desired

Bill Herrin

this case what is he supposed to be doing next hop self on?

Sounds like TW have messed something up, and are not redistributing your prefix.


Besides, swapping next hop is default in eBGP sessions.
Next-hop-self is only needed for iBGP.