Need help with performance troubleshooting

Starting about a week ago, I've had sporadic reports of "slow uploads"
(hundreds of kbs, has been 10s of mbs) born out by multiple speed test sites
and application results and also duplicated internally. Downloads are >
50Mbs as expected (OC-3 and GigE uplinks to ATT/UUNET/Level3/Sprint/Qwest,

It "feels" like the commonality is Seattle, but I haven't been able to find
anything conclusive. I'm also not seeing anything interesting in my network
as far as CPU, utiliation, interface errors, etc.

Hopefully not DoSing myself; I'd like to get some external visibility from
"the other direction"; can I get results against our speedtest server ( along with traceroute results and
geographic origin of the test? Note that traceroute won't make it all the
way through due to some RFC addressing and firewall rules.


Thanks for all the results, folks.

Other than an ADSL user, all of the traces and speed test results look
"normal" (and well above the hundreds of kbs being reported). The ADSL user
had a slow download, but with a similar traceroute to others with good

I'm going to have my support staff start pushing back harder with the
problem almost certainly being outside our network and more specifically
isolated to a geographic location and/or set of network destinations.