need help in london for approx a day of unracking and packing equipment to be shipped

looking for a helper in London: a US-based client of mine is turning off a small London data center presence ASAP.

they want to hire someone trustworthy to unrack, properly pack up and ship to the US a small number of 1u and 2u sized devices and hard drives.
the person has to be capable of removing hard drives from two servers, and responsible enough to work in a data center without issues.

the company will pay for their time on an hourly basis and reimburse the packing materials and shipping expense.

at least two servers are a few year old but perfectly usable dell servers and are not worth shipping, so can (should) be donated to a worthy
cause of the helper's choice, or kept by the helper as a bonus.

if you know of a person or company who can do this, point me at them, please.

and thanks for your attention.