Need help contact Smart (AS 10139) in the Philippines

Hi everyone -
I always hate doing this, but I need some help getting a hold of a
technical person at Smart in the Philippines, since at least one /24
of their "smartbro" internet service is returning 504's on users
attempts to reach wikipedia for about the last week(but not if they go
to the mobile site or a domain run by wikimedia but not wikipedia
itself). We believe that they must be running some sort of
transparent proxy which is malfunctioning.

It is possible they have some connection to AS9299 since that seems to
be their only transit provider.

In case anyone is curious the methods we've tried to get in contact
with them it includes : filling out the form for their tech support
listed on the webpage, calling their tech support, having customers
call their tech support repeatedly (sadly these two just result in
support staff reading scripts and refusing to escalate), email noc@,
emailing all of the addresses listed on their APNIC info, calling all
of the phone numbers listed on their APNIC info, and using twitter to
their customer support. I believe a volunteer is even trying to
search for technical folks via facebook.

If anyone has any technical contacts within this organization, it
would be greatly appreciated,


If memory serves me correctly, Smart is generally operated network wise by

PLDT is probably a decent POC to either get you squared away or pointed in
a generally better direction.