need contact info

As an "MCI" person here is the number to the INOC. :slight_smile:


This has been the NOC's number for the past 2+ years.
The 800 number if you are interested is 800-977-4662 but to report a problem
you should try our ISP group first so that a ticket can be opened to track
the issue. Here are the numbers:

281-276-4231 or 800-663-9932

These numbers did just change as this group just moved to Texas. This may
have been who you were informed to contact before. Sorry for the confusion.
These should be the correct numbers.

Hope this helps.

--Mark Kayser
MCI Technical Support

Of course, he neglected to mention, "Good luck getting a straight answer
about anything from MCI. You're better off calling your psychic if you
have a network problem involving MCI."