Hi all,

If someone have come across with this topic "Network / preventive
maintenance plan”, please offer me some url to obtain more info on this.




Yes , chris,

It looks funny...ya....i am preparing one with more stuff...options are more
and list is growing..

I need to get an expert opinion on this , how other network experts / admins
are getting this over.


Dear Mister Vadivel,

First of all, it would be more enjoyable if you didn't write the title of your email in capital letters. People will assimilate this as spam.

Moreover, I have already asked myself if you were serious in your post about "clean pipes". A two seconds search on Google was enough to provide you the needed replies.

According to your Linkedin profile [1], you are a network consultant.

This post is more than questionable. What are you paid for ?

I suppose that Mister Lenton laugh to not tell you that he will not do your homeworks for free as everybody on this mailing-list.

On my side, I simply find this pathetic.

Good luck :slight_smile: !

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE


Yes of-course , people will not do it for free…Even i am not asking people
to do it for free,

I just asked,what people follow it on their network or is their any links to
follow the standards or samples or templates , so that it can add more
perfection in the docs.We all come across these kind of requirements once in
while , we may need to find it through google or forums or blogs..etc.

Asking or requesting or consulting with people is not an bad idea ..that's
the reason we have internet to share stuff and get others opinion on...if at
all, it (my mail) bothered you in any case. please ignore...May be you are
looking into this in different view.

.It doesn't mean that we have a title that every one knows
everything...First of all , i am not a document specialist, i come across
some requirement where i need to search for ...that is what all other people

anyway mail might have bothered you a lot.sorry for that.


If you want to "search for" something - use google

If you want to ask specific questions, use nanog, or as you're in the
asiapac region, use sanog.

Before you ask questions, show your work .. say what you have done,
what you plan to do, and what question you have based on that.

If you want to "search for" something - use google
routine network maintenance plan - Google Search

A better version -

Let's use Google Caffeine :

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE

Maybe this will help / give some ideas about further reading:

HTH :slight_smile:

PS: maybe I got the wrong idea? - did you mean swap-out / fail-over
techniques? Live-working pre-emptive PSU replacement while on RPS?
Hot-site/cold-site switching for re-racking?

If someone have come across with this topic "Network / preventive
maintenance plan”, please offer me some url to obtain more info on this.

we have found that weekly washing and polishing with a damp cloth gives
about as good a measured improvement as the other methods we tried.

Weekly? Is that your secret? Most of us just do a massive clean-up once
a year - the next one is just 15 days away. Maybe that's the problem - go
too long between chlorine rinses and you get zombies accumulating in the

I still have a box of the plastic covers to put on the ends of the cables when the internet lines are cleaned. Our series of tubes are never clogged, but sometimes some dust gets blown out.

Change your router's oil every three months or six thousand petabytes,
whatever it comes first, some models may require maintenance sooner
than you expect or plan, others may run forever and become difficult
to find where the heck are they located.

Some devices designed in Japan have the tendency to randomly increase
out of control the speed of your interfaces, if you experience that
problem send them to the factory for refurbishing and to be resold to
a poor ISP.

Never, ever, clean fiber optic connectors with spit ...


Is this for extreme routing? Or do the terms of your maintenance schedule
change based on routing conditions. My owners manual says that turning on
the router is extreme. sending a packet with a GET string is extreme, but I take
them to JiffyTic's every now and then for their .signature service.