need a contact at verizon...

I need a contact at Verizon (or at least for whatever portion of their
IP network is AS 6167). Anyone know who to talk to?

I've discovered a badly screwed up router inside the network that
serves their EVDO wireless customers but trying to fight my way up
through the normal channels turns out to be too hard -- there are too
many people there who don't know what an IP address is etc. and won't
escalate to someone to whom you can say "can you log in to and try pinging the following hosts and note that the
behavior is anomalous?" I briefly managed to get that high up after
literally 2.5 hours of fighting, but the guy I got put me on hold for
30 minutes and then promised to call me back and did not.

My usual friend of a friend contacts have failed, so I'd appreciate help.