NCCoE Secure Inter-Domain Routing Project - request for industry input.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) requests community
input on a proposed project entitled: Secure Inter-Domain Routing, Part 1:

The objective of the project is to examine and demonstrate the state of
the RPKI and BGP Origin Validation technologies in realistic scenarios and
to address identified concerns with their deployment and use (e.g.,
security, robustness, management / monitoring, multi-vendor

This request is for industry input on the the proposed project plan. In
particular we seek input from both network operators and enterprises on
practical issues and barriers to adoption and suggestions for how these
could be addressed in the project.

Please see the link above for instructions for submitting comments and how
you can join a community of interest for the project.

*The intention is not to have the discussion here on the NANOG list.*