Vadim continues in the NAVYJOBS.COM thread:

It is much better to make dot-envy less sexy by *mandating* minimal
tree depth under existing domains. Old allocations may be grandfathered,
and people should be made aware that keeping first-level domain
names *is* antisocial.

Here we go again! Sorry by friend, but 'social engineering' by stimulating
to the emotional organs of the human central nervous system is also
unacceptable. What really perplexes me.....

Why are so many of the so called 'libertarians of the Internet' so
quick to jump on the 'antisocial'.... use negative peer pressure
tactic? Social engineering via low level emotional guilt complexes
is a fairly 'low-order' solution for complex technical problems.

In this case, the Name Space issue, is not complex. Having a scalable
system with distributed root names servers, subservers, and nameservers
is not difficult nor overtly expensive. There is little reason to start a
'fear' campaign concerning the DNS name space, similar to the
'renumber or die' jihad out of the famous zealous WG. Just fund and
fix it with money... maybe send your ISP profits to NANOG.ORG and
build a technical solution. It is not impossible nor impractical.

How about ceasing .COM allocations altogether? There's .US and .INT.

(smiling and laughing and the statement above)

I was under the impression that the new (high) $50 a year domain registration
fee was going to help finance the system of nameservers. Obviously,
or perhaps mistakenly, this is wrong. Many paid hard earned currency
for .COM domains, it generated revenue; now 'technocrats' suggest
it should be deleted (must be just a rhetorical statement 0-)

Please make no mistake about it, people of Planet Internet....

" Social Engineering is Not an Acceptable Alternative
  for Technical Innovation. "

      -Tim Bass