Nato warns of strike against cyber attackers

Some of us already do:

Implement BCP38
Implement spam scanning for e-mail
Have a responsive abuse desk
Reload - not repair - any compromised systems
Sponsor resources to combat spam
many more etc.

Some of us have been doing what you suggest for so long that we've
become a bit skeptical and cynical about it all, especially when we
see that in the last decade, BCP38 filtering still isn't prevalent,
abuse desks are commonly considered to be black holes, and people
still talk about disinfecting a virus-laden computer.

There is only so much you can do, short of getting out a Clue by Four
and going around hitting people with it.

... JG

I am sorry nto report that doing the right thing rarely gets any ink.

But it is still the right thing, and you have to keep doing it--if for
no reason better than being able to live with your self.

Thanks for what you do.

Cyber Threats Yes, But Is It Cyber War?


Cyber war is something made up by the security industry to save it from going bankrupt because the traditional profit vectors such as virus and worm authors aren't releasing threats to the web anymore because the motivation for the hackers has changed from fun to money.

You've got folks now trying to artificially ramp up cyber security as a national security agenda now to create a new profit vector now that the traditional threats don't exist anymore.

"How do we ramp up cyber security as a national security agenda, something the next president has to worry about?"

"How do we get cyber security as the top headline on CNN and Fox News so that cyber security is something The White House works on?"

The response to this video was "It Shouldn't Take a 9/11 to Fix Cybersecurity (But it Might)"

I highlighted these suspicious videos on Full-disclosure mailing list but they didn't seem to think there was anything wrong.

I also sent them to MI5 via their web form but I've had no reply from them.