Nationwide AT&T BVOIP/SIP Outage


Our AT&T BVOIP service is down nationwide. Our account managers are
frantically looking into it but we don't have an official statement yet.

Symptoms vary from no ringing (sourced from MegaPath), ring then drop
(sourced from Verizon/T-Mobile), or "The call you are attempting to place
is not allowed from this line" (sourced from AT&T Wireless).

Anyone else experiencing this or have any explanations? It's supposedly
affecting the entire platform. Anyone on-list from AT&T who can comment?

Our PNT private line circuits are all up, it seems the BVOIP phone switch
is just hard down.

Sorry, I know NANOG isn't the best place for outage discussions; but the Outages list seems to be broken today and AT&T is a
gigantic North American phone provider.

Thank you.

- Cary

We're an ATT BVoIP/SIP user but not experiencing any issues.

Southern California.


Can confirm there was an outage here... Houston, TX area.