NAP/ISP Saturation WAS: Re: Exchanges that matter...

Tim Salo writes:

How many ping per second do you see?

How many pings per second can your host handle? Your network?

We never stress-tested this host with pings as serving the pings is not
the primary reason of existence of this particular host and the LAN
it's on. The LAN the host (for historical reasons) is on is a rather busy
10M ethernet, the host itself experiences the UDP load of approx. 500
datagrams/sec, so using it as a ping reflector for any purposes other
than checking if it's alive is an absolutely misleading activity.

> and, most probably, we will disable any external
> traffic we find inappropriate for this or other hosts.

So, do I understand you correctly as saying that you have no interest
in helping your customers understand the state of your service?

No, I neither have said nor intend to say anything like that.