NAP building

In a previous message Neil J. McRae wrote:

Make sure it isn't Telehouse though! Someone at Telehouse London pressed
the wrong button and took out the entire power to the south side of
the building, nearly ever ISP in the UK, and the LINX too, was knocked
out for around 45 minutes today.

Sorry, only UK ISPs that are careless enough to route *all* their International
connectivity thru Telehouse were "knocked out" - We, and various others ONLY
lost connectivity to those customers with a single line to our equipment
in Telehouse.
UK->UK traffic (to those other ISPs that survived) just re-routed
through Stockholm, Amsterdam, USA etc etc etc

I now know of 3 instances this year of this type of failure at TH London.

Sorry, Telehouse has a *much* better power record than most places I know -
some of the US mae's dont even have mains backup supply.


Richard Almeida
Internet Network Services Ltd, UK