NAP Architecture

Wait - it's free to be in the PAIX? MAE-East? West? CIX? I thought they
charged you money to be there. Maybe I am wrong.

> >
> > While there is no vaild reason for a monthly reoccuring on a cross
> > connect. Unless, there is a tech going out and dusting the cross-connect
> > every month? Any carrier who charges monthly chrages on a wire hanging in
> > D-Ring, while collecting money for the cross connected parties to even be
> > in the same building, is not very nice.
> >
> > A one time fee ($250 to $1,000) if they are doing the labor is much
> > sensible.
> And of course the D-Ring is free, the wall/ceiling where it hangs is free,
> the utilities needed so you can see what is hanging in that D-Ring, the
> insurance to cover the landlords butt when you fall off the ladder, the
> water & plumbing so's you can wash out your soiled undies and rinse off
> the spurting blood from the arterial puncture from that fall... all free.

Nope. Its not free. And simple one off costs are not enough. The
recuring costs are there and anyone who does not pass them on is
to be taken advantage of and abused. Of course if you can charge
what the market will bear, then your stock price will rise as you can
pay out those phat dividends. Customer complaints simply show that
they are paying (attention/the usual and customary fees). If they were
-really- pissed (drunk/upset) they'd vote w/ their pocketbook and
find other accomodations elsewhere.

Why aren't one-off costs enough? There is *no* re-occuring costs with a
cable hanging on the ceiling.

Point taken on 'what the market will bear', but thats not the discussion