nanong list spam filtering

Hi All,

Sorry being a bit off-topic and having a boring subject, but we really should clean up whatever has been going on with so much spam hitting this mailing list.

NO - I am complaining about people who post things I disagree with or on topics I have little interest in, I am tired of the stuff like...
(classic) subject: Compare: the best, email marketing services
...and what not.

Has it always been the policy perhaps that this mailing list does no spam filtering whatsoever? If so that would be understandable.

Meanwhile I think would be better for the community if at least some of the most egregious and obvious stuff did not have cpu and network cycles spent forwarding it onwards?
As always, I could imagine that although I think this is simple it could be a politically charged debate.

Cheers and please fix if possible,
- Michael DeMan

I take this back.
Spam I received was not via anybody sending to/from but rather directly to my subscribed e-mail address.
- Mike

None of that junk in my mailboxes or in:

As such, you might want to check headers...

The primary filter for spam is that one has to be subscribed (to the
right list). This only fails the moment a spammer uses a correct From:
header, which happens, sometimes, but very rarely.

And if that happens, then your local spamchecker should be more than
able to filter that crap out before you see it, especially with such
obvious subjects (though you didn't show the headers nor content...).