NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?

I have a 60KVA Kohler diesel genset (with DM550 controller and electronic governor) with Kohler ATS (with Ethernet interface to both Genset and ATS for control and monitoring), a 400 gallon diesel tank which will run the entire house for about 2-3 weeks, Two Dell racks with a range of gear from a DAS box with 48TB for movies (ripped BluRays) to the usual mail, web, and file servers. I have a 3 ton split wallmount system for cooling the computer room. I have a whole house automation system and I have BCMs on the 84 position main breaker panel. Various WAPs around the house are powered via PoE from a Dell switch, I have two Cisco ASA5505s in failover config for remote access and firewall and NAT purposes. There are three VLANs - one for the kids computers, XBox, TVs, Wii, etc. and one for business, and one for automation and telemetry (temp, humidity, lighting, etc.) Each rack has dual double conversion Powerware 9XXX RM UPS units with external batteries and Ethernet interface. This is probably overkill, but I knew I liked what I had at work so I build a mini version at home. I also have lots of misc little switches from Cisco/Linksys around the house in wiring closets and equipment racks including PoE for the video cameras outside. The theater room has a small rack which houses the surround sound amp, a PC for media access, and the Ethernet to IR interface boxes to control the DVD player, receiver, projector, and buttkicker amps. I use a combination of Lutron, iRule, MyMovies, a few custom apps, and a custom thermostat system I built to control the home automation, media, and theater from any iPad or iPhone in the house.


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