NANOG44 lightning talk -- submission open

<hat org="NANOG Program Committee" role="Chair">

NANOG44 is fast approaching and I hope to see many of you in LA this
weekend and next week.

As many of you know, Lightning talks are an important part of NANOG.
They are short talks, often topical or late-breaking, accepted just
prior to or at the conference. Total time is 10 minutes, including

Lightning talks are a perfect opportunity to add something topical to
the program, or get feedback on preliminary work that is not ready for
a full half-hour presentation yet.

Lightning talks can be sumbitted at:

using your speaker account. The only thing required is a
compelling abstract and the willingness to put together some slides at
the last second. The program committee will select the first talks
for monday's lightning talk session on sunday night, so now is the
time to submit your talk.