NANOG36-NOTES talk 1--steve feldman

Based on generally positive feedback from many people,
I’ll be posting my notes from the conference. I’ll preface
the subject line with NANOG36-NOTES, so if you want
to mass-skip the thread, it should be easy to do so.

2006.02.13 NANOG36 day 1

Opening/welcome to Dallas

Steve Feldman starts off–many people are
still trapped out east unfortunately.

Steve Feldman, Program Chair, CNET networks.

Texas Compact Car == SUV

Our Host:
Todd Parker
Raj Patel
Brad Parker

Thanks to NANOG program commmitted
List of them went too quickly

Agenda Changes–Tuesday
12:10–12:25…went too fast to see.

Agenda Changes Wednesday
9:30-10 Hurricane Katrina: Telecom infrastructre,
impacts, solutions, and opportunities…
(more on slide)

Network Security
con’t use cleartext passwordss
do use end-to-end encryption (ssh, VPN)
PGP Key signing
see link off for details
Yahoo Reception
Bear and Gear reception

Interpreting Badges.
Blue – steering committee
Yellow – program committee
green badge – yellow plus blue, both committees
green dot: peering
black dot: security
red dot: PGP signer
RED badges will be for mailing list panel members

Lighting Talks
six 10-minute slots available
Criterion: on-topic for mailing list
Signups start now!
Random acceptance of submissions made before 2pm Monday
Submission order after that (if slots remain)

That’s it for Steve Feldman, next up is Brokaw
Price from Yahoo.

Welcome to Dallas, on behalf of Yahoo.
Not many hotels in Dallas that can host a group of this
size with two ballrooms (one for general session, one
for beer and gear; and the Hyatt was the only other one
with space, and they’re booked since Katrina wiped out
other conference spaces in the south.).

There’s a trolley one block over that will take you
to the downtown restaurant areas, it’s free, feel
free to take it and explore the area, note it stops
running around 9:30pm. It does quiet down after dark
in downtown, unfortunately.
One thing really needed for a NANOG is a really good
sized Internet link. The hotel had a pair of T1s
to start with, and they were getting a second pair
when Yahoo began pulling the fiber in for NANOG.

Terminal room is now virtual; feel free to use the
laptops and printers should you need to print documents,
boarding passes, etc. The laptops are cabled down,
but if you need to borrow one, just track Brokaw down,
and he’ll take care of you.

He’s been feeling like he’s part of the garment
industry in doing all the gear (two sets of tee
shirts, and the fleeces for people who peer with
Yahoo–if you don’t already peer with Yahoo, jump
in and send us email–

There will be an awesome party tonight at Eddie
Deens, everyone should make sure to attend–it’ll
be fun, Texas style, and Texas sized. :slight_smile:

Many thanks to Mike Gallagher for doing the
NANOG36 specific website with details on the
local area and local options for attendees.

Betty Burke asked him to say a few words about what
it takes to put on a conference like this; in many
ways, it’s been like being a huge wedding planner,
only weddings don’t need large internet connectivity.
Start planning early!!

Brokaw thanks the Merit people for being so supportive;
they’ve been complete animals, biting into the details
with gusto; they’re like true roadies, getting gear
packaged and shipped, audio gear, video gear, cables,
power, everything.

Many thanks to Larry, Betty, Chris, Dave, Susan, Laurie,
Dwayne, Steve, Tony, Tom, Greg, SC, PC, everyone else,
it’s all been completely worth it!

It’s definitely exciting times–we’re building something
huge; traffic levels are growing at near-exponential
levels, datacenters are rolling out faster and faster.
It’s great being part of this community, and we all
need to help keep it alive, to nurture it and helping
it grow. If you haven’t hosted a NANOG yet, definitely
consider it; it’s an interesting process. It starts
off with “What’s NANOG?” “What’s the ROI on a NANOG?”
Dan Golding joking about having a PBS-style thermometer
graph showing how much new peering we get each day, to
demonstrate the ROI for hosting a NANOG.
But really, it’s about sharing the support for the
community–it’s about stepping up to the plate, and
saying “it’s our turn to pitch in.”

There’s 26 inches of snow in central park, which is
keeping many, many of our colleagues away; and if you
DO host, try to avoid Valentine’s Day!! If you have
any questions about hosting, feel free to call us.
The good people at ATT have been great working with
us. The fiber coming into the hotel terminates in
the parking garage, but that was about 60 feet from
where it needed to be. December 23rd, discovered
the shortfall, and discovered how to pull innerduct
in through a hotel on short notice. No matter what
else happens for NANOG

Huge thanks to Yahoo crew, especially
Mike Gallagher,
Brian Lacroix,
Todd Parker,
Raj Patel,
Brad Parker,
The whole ATT crew for their OptiMAN handoff

Plan ahead! :slight_smile: And make sure your brand people
Jeannie Conduit(?), Jean Modie(?) are on board with
your drawings and designs.

There are bar rooms on either side of the bar,
the Brassiere, and the Pyramid rooms can be used
for hanging out if the bar gets too full, they have
good connectivity.

So, let’s get it underway!!
First up is Duane Wessels.