NANOG25 - MRTG Stats for Hotel Network

SL = Simon Lockhart
ES = Etaoin Shrdlu
SH = Susan Harris

If the issue is with meeting messages being on the main NANOG list,
can I suggest setting up a seperate mailing list for NANOG meeting
attendees, where non-operational content can be posted?

I hope not. I imagine that one of the niceties for those not attending
is listening in on the exchanges. At least someone's having a good

That was indeed the issue, and a separate list is a great idea.

I would like to vote for ES's point of view. I am not able to attend the
meetings and I really like to see the change in conversation modes when
meetings are going on. At least, if there is a different list for content
from meetings let any of us sign up for the emails rather than just
allowing meeting attendees only.