NANOG17 agenda topics

Greetings - here are topics we've lined up so far for NANOG17 in Montreal:

  - Traffic Engineering Update (Panel moderated by Ed Kern, Digex)

  - The HOW-TO Guide to Building Your Own Fiber Network: An ISP Perspective
        (Yves Le Borgne, RISQ, and Robert Proulx, IMS Expert Conseils)

  - Optical Networks for the Rest of Us: Recent Developments in Canada's
     Research Networks (Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE)

  - Filling the Gap: Provisioning Bandwidth Between T1 and T3
  (Joshua Sakov, Tiara Networks)

  - Wireless Internet Services (John Brown, iHighway)

  - BIND and DNS: The Moving Targets (Paul Vixie, ISC)

  - Spam Update (Paul Vixie, ISC)

  - Current and Next-Generation Content Distribution Techniques
        (Panel moderated by Bill Norton, Equinix)
  - CenterTrack: An IP Overlay Network to Facilitate Packet Tracing
        (Robert Stone, UUNet)

  - Building Network Monitoring Systems with RRDtool (Tobias Oetiker, CAIDA)

  - Using Remstats for Network and Server Monitoring
        (Thomas Erskine, Communications Research Centre)

  - New MBone Monitoring Tools (John Robinson, Communications Research Centre)

  - Network Security: Route Filters and Flow Analysis (Bruce Potter, Fort Nocs)

  - Application of Statistics/Measurement Technologies to Backbone Engineering
        (Panel moderated by Abha Ahuja, Merit)

                        Sunday Tutorials

  - Introduction to MPLS (Peter Ashwood-Smith, Nortel)

  - Routing Policy Specification Language/Internet Routing Registry Tutorial
        (Cengiz Alaettinoglu, ISI)

                       Monday Evening BOFs

  - Inter-Provider Cooperation for MEDs and Best-Exit Routing
        (Patrick Gilmore, PGExpress, and Avi Freedman, AboveNet)

Further info about the meeting is available here:

A bientot -- Susan R. Harris