Craig came down very hard on Bob Metcalfe and I was hoping that over
the past few days someone would step in and explain that Bob is far
from being a clueless journalist. I believe Craig is just showing
how young he is. Bob Metcalfe along with David Boggs published in
ACM (July 1976) an article entitled "Ethernet - Distributed Packet
Switching for Local Computer Networks". This paper was the groundwork
for Ethernet - without which we would still be using X.25 and possibly
no LANs. Having Bob (as well as a few other heavyweights) on this list,
we can only come to a better understanding of the routing, addressing
and portability problems of the Internet that we are all hitting.

Craig, Bob has probably forgotten more than you and I will ever know.

Agreed, to some extent. Mr. Metcalfe put his foot in his mouth
a couple of times with gross mis-statements, and would not back off.
Instead of listening to the practicing professionals, he threw his
legacy weight around. His contributions to the list may be wonderful,
but he has to get off of his high horse, first. Contrary to what it
seems like he thought, he will not set the tone here. Instead, he has
to listen to our tone, get into the groove, and work *with* us instead
of *against* us.

  ed (probably one of the youngest here)