NANOG Posting


It is with great sadness that I inform you that Richard Steenbergen,
long-time NANOG contributor and colleague, has been censored by Dr.
Harris this morning. Richard will be barred from posting to this list
until such a time when the Doctor deems it appropriate.

Those who take issue with this decision are encouraged to contact
Susan and ask for leniency.

Richard's family has asked that contributions be sent to the ACLU
"free speech fund" and Trustees of the University of Michigan in his




so really low capex but high opex?


Should I expect to see a Cafeshop in the near future?

Of course my understanding of revoking posting privileges is that you cant post
to the list.. not you are imprisoned in the merit dungeons, i think that
punishment is reserved for Bandy/Husan/etc

However I do like some humor being injected onto the list, so long as the SNR
doesnt diminish too much it can help to inject some life inbetween the 'paging
bob smith' / 'anyone help me configure bgp' / path mtu / urpf cyclical debates..
actually we've not had Hitler discussed for a while, perhaps I can start a
thread... ooops