NANOG PC Selection

NANOG Community,

Thank you for joining us in San Francisco, and online, for NANOG 78!

I am excited to announce that 13 NANOG members accepted appointments to the Program Committee. 27 highly-qualified volunteers from the NANOG membership were nominated for this year’s committee selection, so we personally thank each NANOG member who offered their time and hope they participate in future committee solicitations.

As an organization, NANOG was founded by volunteers who developed a quality forum for North America’s operator community. Despite the growth in NANOG’s programs, volunteers greatly outnumber professional staff, and the volunteer-only Program Committee (PC) is wholly responsible for soliciting, developing, and selecting all program content presented at NANOG meetings and other events.

Please join me in congratulating the appointed PC members:

Aaron Ali Atac, Jason Bothe, Vincent Celindro, Michael Costello, Elizabeth Culley, Cat Gurinsky, Tom Kacprzynski, John Kristoff, Ognian Mitev, Rekha Rawat, Michael Voity, Eddy Winstead, and Chris Woodfield.

Please also join me in thanking and recognizing the many contributions of PC alumni Michaela Clifford, Nagendra Kumar Nainar, Chris Pennisi, and Steven Schecter.

The PC met and elected the following leaders:

Chair - Vincent Celindro

Vice Chair - Steve Feldman

Secretary - Cat Gurinsky

We are truly excited to see what the community will submit to the PC for NANOG 79 so please submit talk ideas at

And please join us in June for our first full meeting in Boston if you can!



(for the NANOG Board of Directors)