[NANOG] outages@isotf.org


Forgive me if this has been covered previously.

I have recently discovered this list and have found it a gold mine of information. I've now traded 3 hours of my life reading through archives and have even found reference to specific recent outages that my company suffered to which we never really did get a RFO from the ISP.

In the archives, I have read of another list which I am interested in at outages@isotf.org. I've tried visiting the site, and subscribing at http://www.isotf.org/mailman/listinfo/outages (as mentioned in several archived messages) but it doesn't seem to exist there anymore. Also tried to search this list for information as to whether it had moved or been discontinued, etc (google site searches, etc). Has this list been discontinued? If not, is it still open to the public, and what is its new location, that I might subscribe?



That list oaught to be working again in a matter of days.