[NANOG] Multihoming for small frys?

Perhaps not but it could be useful anyway. People may be subscribed to
both lists but are filtering announce to a separate folder. That way
they can skim the busier list but pay a bit more attention to the
announce one. Maybe there are other possibilities. More options is
generally better.

I do agree though that announcements, especially any concerning other
lists, should probably be duplicated on that list.

Joe Abley wrote:

The announcement was made to nanog-announce, but not to nanog. I would expect that there are scads more readers of nanog than of nanog announce.

When I was sending things to nanog-announce, it was the case that mail to nanog-announce was sent to people who had specifically subscribed to that list, plus anybody who hadn't but who was subscribed to nanog (in other words, it was sent to the union of both lists).

That might have changed since the transition to mailman. It seemed like a useful approach, though.

Kinda makes you wonder what the purpose on the announce list is though.

IMHO the purpose is (or should be) that the posting-privileges for announce is limited, so that messages from
that list about things like changes in format or meeting times can be treated as authoritative.


I'm subscribed to both now. :wink: The advantage to the NANOG subject
header was obviously it was resilient to e-mail address changes for the
list. A nice attribute given e-mails now come in from both
nanog@nanog.org and nanog@merit.edu addresses. Anyhow, I assume there
was compelling reason for the change.


There are a plethera of common headers available for filtering,
regardless of To:

-Jim P.