NANOG List Maintenance Announcement


    During the evening on Saturday June 20, 2020 between 0300 to 0600 UTC,
    the NANOG Tech Committee will preform an upgrade of the mailman software
    and migration of archives. During this time, all mailing lists will be
    unavailable, including the ability to make changes to your subscription

    We expect this migration to be completed in three hours time or backed

Detailed notes

    NANOG is committed to the availability of its mailing lists as the best
    direct member community access medium. Ongoing issues with
    "backskatter" and other annoyances to posters on the list are mitigated
    in newer versions of mailman. NANOG will be upgrading to the newest
    stable mailman 2.1 and enabling VERP (Variable Envelope Return Path)
    [1]. This will make each message to each user unique, and enable
    tracing bounces or other backskatter annoying emails. VERP will mean a
    slightly increased load on the MTA (Postfix), however in testing this
    was found to be a non issue.

    Our other addition will be to the archives. Currently all archives are
    split into 2011+, 1994-2011 and even older archives from the NSFNet back
    to 1992. All these archives will be merged and added into mailman
    archives. This will provide almost 30 years of archives in a single
    place. Should anyone have postings before 1992 please let us know, we'd
    like to capture them as well.

Archives to be merged


    Our testing shows this merge and rebuilding the archives to take from
    50-70 minutes and will be the majority of the outage time.

Additional information

    A MOP or Method of Procedure is in-place for this maintenance with clear
    go/no-go steps and a back-out plan should we find any insurmountable
    problems. An update will be posted to the NANOG mailing list once this
    is completed.

    Any messages sent to the list during the maintenance will be queued and
    retried once the mailman server comes back online. This may delay some
    messages for a few hours, but no messages will be lost.

    Any questions may be directed to or on-list if of
    interest to the community.



Status of this Notice

   This notice provides information for the community. Distribution of this
   notice is unlimited.


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