[NANOG] leave the deck chairs alone (Re: fair warning: less than 1000 days left to IPv4)

Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 05:00:32 +0200
From: Randy Bush

i suggest we focus on how to roll out v6

Bingo. Or, I begin to wonder if door #2 might actually have merit:

or give up and get massive natting to work well (yuchhh!)

For massive NATting to work well, one would need to specify "IP address
behind the NAT device". Suddenly, we've invented a variable-length
addressing scheme, with 32 bits per level. Under the current model,
levels 2+ (where "level" is 1-based) are restricted to a teeny portion
of all possible addresses; this could change.

Wait... this smells a lot like:

1. OSI addressing;

2. Phone numbers having variable length depending on country code or
area code;

3. ASN.1 OID allocation.

i.e., we can learn from existing implementations that deal with very
similar problems.

and not waste our time rearranging the deck chairs [0] or
characterizing those with chairs as evil.

Quite so, particularly when the deck chairs will put up a fight.